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Kalevala Canora


Kalevala, the finnish national epos, is a tale of gods and heroes. Elias Lönnrot wrote it in 1835 based on huge collections of folk poems. On this cd you will find seven Kalevala runes sung in latin. The performers, the Karelia-group, Heikki Laitinen, Anna-Kaisa Liedes, Riika Paakkunainen, Sinikka Kontio and the vocal ensemble Köyhät Ritarit, all have profound knowledge of the performing tradition. At the same time they are contemporary musicians with a musical interest in Kalevala. Professor Tuomo Pekkanen translated the whole Kalevala into latin in 1986. He has adapted the lyrics of the Kalevala poems for this cd.

Kalevala, carmen epicum nationis Finnorum, est fabula de deis et heroibus, quae originem in carminibus popularibus habet. In hoc disco insunt carmina Kalevalana Latine cantata. Melodiae ex thematis translaticiis ortae canuntur a Heikki Laitinen, Anna-Kaisa Liedes, Riika Paakkunainen atque Grege Karelia cum fidicine Sinikka Kontio et choro Köyhät Ritarit. Omnes illi, musici saeculi bismillesimi primi, musicae populari diu operam dederunt. Textus carminum excerpti sunt ex versione Kalevalae Latina professoris Tuomo Pekkanen, quae anno 1986 primum divulgata est.

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